In 1988 Bedell Brook Mill, LLC originated near Stowe, Vermont, as a means of providing design engineering and prototype fabrication services for new product development programs. The company was started by Wayne Goldman, an engineer who has spent over 40 years supervising the development of new products for a wide range of industries and corporations. The products included electronic cooling systems, electrical connectors, electric vehicles, ultra filtration systems, machine tools, laboratory diagnostic instruments, and fluid handling systems.

It became obvious while making prototypes of new products that there was a need for special tools to simplify the fabrication process. For example, we were designing an all terrain electric wheelchair and we needed a tool to crimp heavy gauge wire terminals. We decided that it was difficult to justify spending $250 for a production tool so we designed and built a simple tool that provided a production quality crimp at a nominal cost. Another requirement was for a way to make precision cuts in plastic, metal rod, and tubing with a hacksaw. We designed a small mitre box that would fit in a bench vise or on a table and it was capable of a cutting accuracy of .004 inch/inch. We found that several other shops wanted to borrow the tool and we decided to offer the product to a general market.

While developing a commercial product that was designed around formed steel tubing, we discovered it was very difficult to drill holes precisely in assembled tubing.  So, we designed a small drill jig that could locate 1/8, 3/16, 5/16, and 3/8 inch holes through the center of the tubing or in flat plates accurately. This tool is also available as a product.  More tools are under development - see the TOOLS FOR SALE page for more infomation

All of our products were developed to meet our own manufacturing and assembly problems. They are tools designed, tested, and manufactured here in Vermont on state of the art computer controlled machine tools.

Goldman Post Office Electric Car from the 1970's